29 Jul

The best way to communicate a product brand is through the use of a logo. Others refer to it as a silent marketer because upon seeing the logo, you can tell what company it is and probably what it stands for. As a result, a logo is a fundamental requirement that any business whether big or small needs to have. A logo can also serve as a trademark which is vital in protecting a brand from counterfeits or copying. In designing a logo, one can choose to go for a DIY logo or hiring the services of a graphics designer. You can select either of the methods but here is why a DIY logo will be a better choice for your business.

Developing a DIY logo from www.diylogo.com is way cheaper compared to hiring a professional logo designer. The cost-effectiveness is as a result of the factor that you do not incur labor charges since you do it by yourself. Further, they are free logo makers that you can use to generate a logo for your company hence cheaper to create than the outsourcing of a designer.

When developing a DIY logo, you have the control over your decisions and influence the outcome of the logo. That means your choice of the design depends on your passion, what you stand and what you want the end game to be. in short, you have the autonomy of the content of the logo hence unique, simple and clear.

Counterfeiting a simple DIY logo is difficult. Using professional logo designers has a high risk of producing counterfeit logos because at some time they run out of ideas and opt to edit their previous designs. Counterfeiting other design does not only undermine the success of your brand but can also lead you to legal battles. But a DIY logo is too simple to counterfeit. This video at https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ZJFGt03l_8w is worth a watch.

DIY logos also have a clear message that is simple and visible. For a logo to attract people, it needs to send explicit messages on the company name, mission, vision, motto or any other information contained in the logo. Clear logos are also very easy to recall because whenever you spot it from a distance, you can recognize it hence easy to keep your customer loyalty.

Finally, simple logos are easy to scale up or down. The logo is always printed on several faces such as billboards, notebooks, pens, posters and many more. When the number of words or images on the emblem are few, it is easy to scale up the logo on different surfaces. Read more now.

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